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At Wolfson, possessing exceptional online advertising skills and a strategic mind-set is fundamental to our business. We employ a PPC methodology proven to work and it's our deep experience, approach rooted in customer insight, and obsessive attention to performance that make our services best-in-class.

But what truly gives Wolfson the edge is our people. They are not only skilled pay-per-click advertisers, but also have well-rounded marketing backgrounds including SEO, copywriting, brand strategy, web analytics, and marketing communications. These diverse skills uniquely position our consultants to uncover the keyword, ad, and targeting combinations that will give your business the upper hand in a highly competitive landscape. 

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our PPC approach:

  1. Assess - We start by evaluating your current or historical online advertising programs
  2. Understand - We'll spend more time than most getting to know your business--it's goals, target customers, and online objectives. 
  3. Plan - Together we will outline a plan that aligns with your business goals and adjust as necessary.
  4. Execute - Your program is launched and managed with best-in-class online advertising skills and focus on performance. 
  5. Test - With your input, we will continually test and experiment for incremental improvements in results. 
  6. Analyze - Straight-forward reports and analysis are regularly delivered and reviewed, with honest suggestions for improvement.
  7. Optimize - We'll collaborate with you to continually assess the program and improve results.

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