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The best results come from teams that can walk the walk when it comes to digital marketing. At Wolfson, our most successful programs have the most capable digital marketers on our client teams. In these relationships we have more meaningful dialogues, better collaboration and decision-making, and more rapid conclusions.

There are also times when organizations simply need to up their game to get better understanding and alignment within the marketing department, cross-functionally, and internationally. Whatever the scenario, Wolfson can help companies excel through a training program customized to address your unique challenges. 

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Sample Digital Marketing courses:

  1. SEO Fundmentals - Learn what SEO is, why it's important, and basic tactics to get started.
  2. Advanced SEO - Discover uncommon SEO strategies and tactics that really move the needle.
  3. Intro to Pay-Per-Click Advertising - Get a basic understanding of PPC advertising with Google AdWords and beyond.
  4. Content Marketing Strategy - Learn how to organize content marketing for maximum impact.
  5. Intro to Conversion Rate Optimization - Master the best practices to improve your conversion funnel for more sales and leads.
  6. Web Analytics Basics - Understand the fundmentals of web analytics--what to track, how to track it, and what the data means.
  7. Advanced Web Analytics - Become an analytics ninja for deeper business insight. 

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