affiliate marketing

Extend your reach with online referrals.

Affiliate marketing means establishing a network of online referral partners who can market for you--creatively, effectively, and within your brand guidelines. Leveraged correctly, it can be one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to generate incremental revenue. But if managed improperly, it can also be costly in time, money, and brand reputation.

If you are an advertiser, Wolfson will help you extend your online reach by establishing the right affiliate community for your brand and maximizing it's output. If you are a publisher or blogger, we'll help you build a program to monetize your site. 

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Affiliate Marketing approach:


  1. Audit - We'll audit your current affiliate program to unravel opportunities. 
  2. Understand - Time is spent getting to know your business to set right program strategy.
  3. Setup - The right referral partners are recruited, T's and C's written, and program rules established.
  4. Execute - We'll do the heavy lifting, from ad uploads to affiliate partner management.
  5. Monitor - Your program will be monitored closely, including for fraud. 
  6. improve - A 360 analysis will be provided regularly along with optimization guidance.

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